Two years ago on May 5th we decided to team up to form the acoustic rock duo known simply as Gross & Hart.

The idea to create a musical act unbound by genres allows us to just be ourselves and play music we love. We share an appreciation of music that features vocal harmonies. This opens up a lot of musical territory that spans the decades from the 50s to today. We develop arrangements for two acoustic guitar plus mandolin, harmonica and tin whistle to to expand our sound in some interesting directions.

We built our show on the stage of Emack & Bolio’s Albany, NY where we play regularly every other month. This nurturing musical environment has allowed us to hone our live show. We found a receptive audience at the Garden Bistro in Slingerlands and Latham and at Restaurant Navona where we developed sets for restaurant patrons to enjoy.

Last year we were honored to entertain cyclists at the finish line of the Erie Canal Bike Tour.

We’re looking forward to our third year of acoustic rockin’ and hope to see you on May 20th at Emack and Bolio’s and also on May 27th at the premier Summer Strum-In at the Schodack Island State Park and Campground.

— Thank you for supporting us!



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